OUFTI-1 Live tracking

OUFTI 1 moet in een elliptische baan rond de aarde komen met een hoek van 98° t.o.v. de evenaar en op een hoogte tussen 450 en 660 kilometer boven het aardoppervlak.

 Live tracking












A general list of features:

  • Instant-messaging style chat
  • Multiple automatic messages at varying schedules, containing static or dynamic content
  • File Transfers of arbitrary binary or text content with compression
  • Online/offline status notifications
  • Multi-platform: runs on Linux/UNIX, Windows, and MacOSX
  • Canned messages
  • Chat logging
  • Tabbed chat interface to filter traffic based on a search string
  • Structured data (i.e. Forms) transmission with multiple form templates, graphical editor, and HTML exporting
  • Form-to-Email gateway support for providing email access to distant stations
  • Winlink2000 gateway
  • Automatic message forwarding
  • Arbitrary TCP forwarding over the RF channel
  • Support for using a TNC or a network connection instead of a D-STAR radio
  • GPS position tracking, distance/direction calculation, static beacon support, and integrated map viewer with offline caching

  • Network-linkable repeater/proxy co-application